Schut et al., 2015. Data as used for article in PLoS One.

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    Data used for the analysis as described in the PLoS One paper "Trends in global vegetation activity and climatic drivers indicate a decoupled response to climate change".

    GEOTIFFS provided include annual values, means and standard deviations of LINPAC total biomass weight (LINPAC_TBW1981-2010) for the 1981-2010 period and GIMMS3g-NDVI metrics for the 1982-2010 period. Metrics include annual sum NDVI (gimms3g_as8210.tif), and sums over the months January-June (gimms3g_JFMAMJ.tif), June-December (gimms3g_JJASOND.tif), April-October (gimms3g_AMJJASO.tif) and the large seasonal integral (gimms3g_li8210.tif). 

    The files contain geotiffs with mean, median and standard deviation values in normal NDVI units, ranging between 0-1.

    The zipped GEOTIFFS include 4320 by 2160 cells and are provided in geographic coordinates with the WGS 1984 datum. Cell sizes are 5 by 5 arcminutes or 0.08333 by 0.08333 degrees and cover the full globe. Geotiffs with GIMMS3g metric values per year were rescaled and multiplied with 10000, e.g. the original annual sums are values between 0-12 but these were multiplied with a value of 10000. In all the provided Geotiffs, cells with missing data can be identified by a large negative value.

    For further questions about GIMMS3g data, please contact Dr A.G.T. Schut ( For specific questions about LINPAC and LINPAC data contact Sjaak Conijn ( For questions about large integral data of GIMMS3g contact Dr Rasmus Fensholt (


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    5 arcminutes or 0.083333 degrees
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    Antonius G.T. Schut, Eva Ivits-Wasser, Jacob G. Conijn, Ben ten Brink, Rasmus Fensholt
    WUR, Plant Production Systems, P.O. Box 430, 6700 AK Wageningen, The Netherlands

    Contact A.G.T Schut for questions about GIMMS3g data:

    Contact J.G. Conijn for questions about LINPAC data:


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    2015.07.31 1.0 gimms3g_AMJJASO
    2015.07.31 1.0 gimms3g_AMJJASO statistics
    2015.07.31 1.0 gimms3g_as8210
    2015.07.31 1.0 gimms3g_as8210 statistics
    2015.07.31 1.0 gimms3g_JFMAMJ
    2015.07.31 1.0 gimms3g_JJASOND
    2015.07.31 1.0 gimms3g_LI8210
    2015.07.31 1.0 LINPAC_TBW19812010
    2015.07.31 1.0 LINPAC_TBW19812010 statistics