CASE2: A physiological production model for cocoa

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    Cacao Simulation Engine (CASE)2
    Program type
    FSE simulation model
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    The CASE2 simulation model uses information on daily weather (radiation, rain, vapour pressure and temperature), soil characteristics (texture classes of different soil layers), plant characteristics (physiological and morphological characteristics) and cropping systems (tree density, tree age and shade regime) to estimate growth and yield of cacao trees in a plantation.

    Scale of application
    Spatial resolution
    Key outputs
    • Weight of plant parts
    • Total leaf area
    • Root distribution
    • Bean yield
    Time horizon
    Time step of modeling
    Required to run
    • FSE for Windows
    • Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6
    Required to develop
    • FSE for Windows
    • Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6
    Database I/O
    Background information
    Applications & Use

    This model is produced within the framework of a research programme on modelling of growth, yield and quality of cocoa. The overall objective of this programme is to increase the understanding of cocoa production in relation to environmental conditions and cropping systems. A better understanding of cocoa production systems may assist to improve cocoa production systems in producing countries.

    Pieter A. Zuidema & Peter A. Leffelaar
    WUR, Plant Production Systems, P.O. Box 430, 6700 AK Wageningen, The Netherlands