This Models & Data library website is an initiative of the group Plant Production Systems (http://www.pps.wur.nl/UK/ ) of the Wageningen University. Modeling in the agricultural and environmental fields have a long history and many models and modeling systems have been developed over the last 40 years. For newcomers in the modeling area, it is often difficult to find information about available models in a certain area (e.g. model for specific crop, routine for soil water and/or nitrogen fluxes, etc.). We hope that this model site will make it easier to find the right model for a certain analysis and/or application. Besides, we try to make  a sort of model archive to keep old but possibly still interesting model approaches available. 

The Model Library is divided into two sections, a Model section and a Data section.

The Model section gives a list of the available models with first, for each model a short description, and second, a link to the detailed information for each model. Detailed information per model consists of: 

  • description of the main aspects of the model;
  • version details
  • software requirements
  • examples of the model’s applications;
  • references and documentation;
  • links to download model, documentation & tutorials (if available);
  • main contact point.

The Data section, contains data that can be used for modeling or research. Detailed information, similar to that of the models, is also included.

We hope that the model library site will be used by the different groups of the Wageningen university who are involved in modeling, to improve  information exchange about their models. The model library site also allows to include short information about a model and to include a link to another website with more detailed information. 


For comments and/or questions about the Model library site, please contact Marcel Lubbers (marcel.lubbers@wur.nl).